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Short of Hay?
We are suppliers of


which provide an effective alternative to conventional hay.

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Cubes can provide the sole source of roughage for all classes of horses.
Many horse owners have experienced excellent results over the years.

Find out how you can save money feeding cubes
to your horses when comparing
with the cost of feeding baled hay.

We now sell alfalfa pellets!

Advantages of Feeding Cubes
  • Economical Daily Feeding
  • Reduced Wastage
  • Consistent Nutrient Quality
  • Intake Control
  • Easy to Feed
  • Dust and Mold is Reduced
We also sell oats in the 500 kilogram tote bag
or in 25 kilogram bags!

Our alfalfa pellets are available in the 700 kilogram tote bag
or in the smaller 25 kilogram bags!


Winning Picture of Filly Gone Wild
The condition of the horses that have been on Alfa Tec Hay Cubes is extremely outstanding. I commend GW Equine Services for using this product on my training horses. I definitely believe it has added to our success.
Owner Mandy McDonald

Iím certainly happy with the way these horses have been maintained through the winter and through their conditioning. Alfa Tec Hay Cubes are a great product and I am delighted with the results I have seen when they come back to the race track. Their weight and coats are excellent.
Lincoln Downs (Trainer for Mandy McDonald)

Foals eat hay cubes alongside their mothers!
Our foals eat the hay cubes right along with their Moms.

GF Forever Magic+ Photo ©Tex M. Kam
This beautiful stallion, GFForever Magic+ at Renex Arabians, has been fed ALFA-TEC™ cubes for a couple of years. His owners are very happy with the condition and good health that he has maintained since he was put on a diet of cubes. This International Arabians Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire has won:

  • 2003 Western Canadian Breeders Champion Stallion
  • IAHA Legion of Honour
  • 2000 Region 17 Champion Stallion
  • 1999 Region 17 Champion Stallion

Anne-Marie Burrell is very pleased with ALFA-TEC™ cubes!
Her Hampshire ram, raised only on ALFA-TEC™ cubes has won:

  • 1st Place Hampshire Yearling Ram
  • Grand Champion Hampshire Ram
  • Best of Breed
  • Supreme Champion Ram
  • Calgary Stampede Stock Show 2003

Mister Thirty Thirty
GW Equine Services has fed ALFA-TEC™ cubes since 2000 and are very pleased with the growth and appearance of all their horses.

Mister Thirty Thirty has been fed on ALFA-TEC™ cubes since he was weaned.


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